Terms & Conditions

The term means 12 months rolling automatically for a period of 60 months unless terminated in writing by either party within this period if dissatisfied with the service or commitment. Acceptance of an assignment is deemed acceptance of the following terms.

Whereas it is hereby agreed as follows:

    (1)        Utopia Model Management is authorised to act and collect monies on behalf of the Artiste.

    (2)        If required the agency will provide details of photographic studios with reasonable prices. In consideration of the same the model or parent of shall pay the photographer for the pictures.

    (3)        Whilst on assignment, Utopia Model Management shall not be responsible for any past, present or future claims against their company of any sort. Any health and safety issues will be checked with the client and relayed at the time of booking.

    (4)        Upon receipt by the agency of the photographic images taken at the session or suitable images provided by you, of which you must own the copyright1, the agency/photographer will evaluate the same and apply various criteria, including such matters as behaviour and photogenic qualities to enable them to ascertain whether the model will then be accepted onto the agency register. Such as decision is at the absolute and unqualified discretion of the agency. If accepted relevant forms should be downloaded from the Utopia website or upon request will be sent to the model/parent, if the model/parent wishes to accept representation they shall complete login details and tick the required acceptance of these terms and conditions .In the case of under 16’s send the licences to their education authority. The contract incorporating the terms and conditions herein shall commence from  the date of acceptance of the terms via the website and shall remain in force for a period of  up to five years renewable yearly. Cancellation must be terminated in writing. The agency retains the right to uphold a contract for the remaining period of each yearly term if the artist fails to give reasonable reason for termination or leaves to join a rival agency. In each case written confirmation must be obtained before representation from another party is pursued. Dual representation will be considered and allowed in circumstances where the agency feels there is no conflict of interest.

    (5)        Should the model be accepted onto the agency register then the agency undertake to use their best endeavours to promote them by incorporating photographs of the model on the password protected website and distributing details to potential clients. No personal details of any model will be passed on to any client without prior consent from the model or parent/guardian of a child.

    (6)        Photographic model portfolios will be made available to photographic clients and Actor portfolios to studios, casting directors and production companies. It is your responsibility to keep all details up to date and correct. Inclusion of a person’s details on the agency’s database does not constitute guarantee of work.

    (7)        The agency’s obligation shall thereafter extend to the promotion of the model’s details and the decision to thereafter utilise any model on any particular venture shall be made solely by the studio or company in question and the agency shall have no control over this selection process.

    (8)        Should a model secure any engagement as a result of the agency’s promotion then payment of any agreed sum will be paid to the model within 10 days of receipt of the same by the agency from the studio or company and no liability to pay the model shall arise until such payment is received. Agency commission for photographic work is usually charged directly to the client. Model rates will be charged at £25 per hour unless payments for an engagement are negotiated individually in which instance you will be informed verbally/by text of agreed amounts. Should a client quote an inclusive amount for the assignment the agency commission of min 20%  of the total amount will be deducted*

    (9)        Television/film/advertisement rates can vary – Please check the payment details when the assignment is secured. As assignments cannot always be advised in writing because of time-scales acceptance of this agreement indicates your acceptance of verbal notification.

    (10)     The parent/guardian/Artiste hereby indemnifies the agency against any income tax liability in respect of payment made to them under this agreement and further indemnifies the agency against any claim arising from any act or omission of the studio or company to whom they are referred, such actions falling outside the control and jurisdiction of the agency.

    (11)     It is hereby agreed that only the model shall attend an assignment or in the case of children one parent will accompany the child on all assignments unless agreed prior to attendance.

    (12)     Models/Artistes or parents of child models must give immediate notification should they be unable to attend any pre-arranged assignment due to holiday or illness. If a person attends an assignment with an appearance that has altered significantly from the initial photograph e.g. haircut, bruises et, resulting in that the studio cannot use them, then payment shall not be made.

    (13)     All models should behave in a fit and proper manner and parents should exercise strict control over a child on set. Models shall be given client addresses by the agency. All journeys should be planned by the model/parent.

    (14)     If any client arranges payment directly to a model the agency commission may be included in this amount and must be sent on to the agency. Models must inform the agency if payments are made directly to them.

    (15)     Should a model be referred to another agency, Utopia Model Management will become the referral agent and be entitled to 3% of their gross earnings for a period of five years subject to the written agreement of all three parties.

    (16)     Under no circumstances shall a model contact any of our clients directly unless authorised to do so.

    (17)     Models should be aware that jobs are very often at short notice; every attempt should be made to attend an assignment.

    (18)     Auditions and castings are usually unpaid, although travel expenses for long distances are sometimes met.

    (19)     Fittings are sometimes paid and are  at varying rates negotiated with individual clients at the time. Commercials are also paid at varying rates.

    (20)     For photographic assignments you will usually require 6 to 7 outfits consisting of T-shirts, shorts, jeans, ( skirts, dresses, hair accessories for girls ), with clean socks, trainers or shoes. Any further specific clothing requirements will be advised upon booking. Also parents of child models should take games, toys, drinks et so that your child does not get bored if waiting for long periods of time.

    (21)     When you attend an assignment please keep your own record of the date and place so you can track your payments from the agency. Some clients pay more quickly than others. After an assignment the agency requires you to contact the office to inform the hours worked.

    (22)      The agency requires you to regularly update photographs, CV’s and measurements so that our clients always have current information to view. This is especially important for young children for whom we have agreements in place with photographers who will charge approx.  £50-£100 but you are welcome to use your own professional shots. Headshots for actors only are significantly cheaper and prices should be checked with the studio upon booking. Adult prices vary as stylists can be required. We have a more lenient approach to suitable photographs for babies as they change so quickly but they should be of a reasonable standard so as to secure work.   As a guideline, babies require new pictures every 3 - 5 months, toddlers need new pictures every 5 - 12 months, older children approx. every 12-24 months. Adults on change of appearance. It can sometimes seem a while before a model is chosen for his/her first job so commitment to this should be carefully considered.

    (23)     A licence is required for all children under 16 years and you need to keep this updated every 6 months. Education officers sometimes check with schools about attendance so it is important to keep licences up to date. Even babies who are not at school are required to have a licence. These can be downloaded from the site when you log in.

    (24)     Unless asked to do so please do not wear jewellery, nail polish and remove any visible piercings..

    (25)     The agency opening hours are Monday to Friday 10:00am until 5:00pm. At all other times please leave a message on 0870 218 0884, a mobile telephone number will be given for assignments outside these office hours if necessary, but only for emergencies.

* If you are liable for income tax or claiming any benefits it is YOUR responsibility to inform HMRC or other relevant organisation of your earnings. Upon request we will send paperwork relating to payments which will incur a charge of £3-£10 to cover administration and postage costs.

1 The agency reserves the right to request photographic copyright release forms of any images used.


We hope that the modelling or acting experience is enjoyable for everyone concerned but would ask everyone to read the conduct expected of models/actors/Extras

Whilst on set whether photographic or filming all models/artists should behave in a respectful manner.

Parents of minors are reminded that sets can be dangerous places with valuable equipment around and care should be made at all times to keep young children away from things which could get damaged or worse hurt the child.

Models should have a good basic wardrobe of clothes with no logos and clean footwear which should be taken with them unless specific items are requested

TV and Commercial background extras should take care around sets where filming schedules are strict and should always be quiet on set  whilst  filming is in progress.

Always give plenty of time to arrive at the set location or studio and take into account any traffic problems which may occur especially at peak periods.

Unless told of specific clothing take 3 sets casual clothing/coats et to TV extra assignments.

Whist age of very young children is taken into account disruptive artists whether child or adult may be asked to leave the shoot and if their behaviour is cause for concern will be placed on hold or removed from the books.

Once booked for an assignment notification must be sent by text to the company mobile if you are unable to attend.  With the exception of emergencies failure to attend without notice may result in the removal from the agency and should it be necessary to replace artistes on the shoot Utopia reserve the right to charge the model/artist administration costs  to cover the lost time and expense.

Concerns that a model/Actor/Extra has about any shoot should be reported at the time to allow us to address the situation.


I have read and understood the terms and conditions and if I need any clarification I will call 0871 218 0884 but otherwise I am prepared for my assignments