Step-by-Step Free Registration Details

1. Complete the initial registration which you do by clicking the Registration page on the site

2. You will receive notification of acceptance or notice that the age group is full.

3. If accepted you then need to log back in using the same username and password that you used to register and fill in all the remaining fields. Any child from birth until 16 years and still at school needs to be licensed by your local education department in order to work and the forms are at the bottom of the page when you log in. You print these off and send to the person in charge of licensing children for entertainment at your local council. Email us if you are unsure of where to send the forms to or how to fill them in. You can attend castings but not assignments without a licence.

4. If you have suitable professional quality photos they will be approved, if not you can email us to ask for approved local studios who will provide you with what is necessary for minimal costs or you can provide your own. Please check packages with us so you do not pay too much. A guide is £50-£75 These are needed for photographic work but actors need just a good, clear, headshot.