Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Should I pay money to join an agency?

NO, Agencies are not allowed, by law, to charge up front fees, however some deduct their fees from work you get so once you have worked they retain the money you earn until their fees are paid. We do not do this and have no agency fees at all.

2.      Am I guaranteed work ?

NO, Whilst we are careful with the choices of people we represent we cannot guarantee that they will all get work. The ultimate decision is with our clients, however, because we are selective with the people we represent a high percentage are successful 

3.      Can I use my own photographs for the site

YES, If they are professional or of a professional quality you can, we have to maintain a high standard of images on the site and so snapshots are not usually suitable. We arrange photoshoots for anyone wishing to have shots at our recommended studios and charges are kept to a minimum to cover costs . A good portfolio is essential but not always expensive, It is better to build a portfolio from the work you get as different photographers have different styles and can create various looks. Children change quite quickly and so need photos changing regularly so try not to pay huge sums of money. Parents of young girls/teenagers should also be aware that if you take your child to a studio for a 'makeover' and the child ends up looking like an adult that there is little chance they will be chosen for work from the photos you get. If a client wants to book an 18 year old they will not look up a girl of 12 and if they want to book a child of 12 they will ignore the one who looks 18.

4.      Do you charge a commission?

In most cases we charge the commission directly to the client, so the fee we quote will be the fee you get, occasionally some clients quote an ' inclusive fee'  and we will inform you if this is the case and what the commission payable will be.

5.      Is the website secure?

YES, it is only accessible to clients who are vetted and known to us and even then they have restricted access to information, so even though you can manage and see your own details from your registration a client will see only images, first name, measurements, and CV but all contact will come through the agency. 

6.     Who decides if I am suitable

Initially we will look at the photographs and information you provide. We have photographers who we use for their professional opinion of suitable models, actors can be taken on through recommendation from drama teachers or from one of our scouts attending showcases. The criteria for "extra's" is less stringent as they are usually background artists, however we do require them to work in the same  professional manner as our other models and actors.

7.    How do I get paid?

You will be paid by direct transfer into  your nominated bank account within 10 working days of receipt by the agency of payment from the client for whom you have worked.