Code of Conduct

We hope that the modelling or acting experience is enjoyable for everyone concerned but would ask everyone to read the conduct expected of Models/Actors/Extras:

Whilst on set whether photographic or filming all models/artists should behave in a respectful manner. Parents of minors are reminded that sets can be dangerous places with valuable equipment around and care should be made at all times to keep young children away from things which could get damaged or worse hurt the child.

Models should have a good basic wardrobe of clothes with no logos and clean footwear which should be taken with them unless specific items are requested.

TV and Commercial background extras should take extra care around sets where filming schedules are strict and quiet on set is imperative. Always give plenty of time to arrive at the set location or studio and unless told of specific clothing, take 3 sets casual clothing/coats etc.

Whilst the age of very young children is taken into account, disruptive artists whether child or adult may be asked to leave the shoot, and if their behaviour is cause for concern will be removed from the books. Should it be necessary to replace them on a shoot Utopia reserve the right to charge the model/artist administration costs to cover the lost time and expense.

Concerns that a Model/Actor/Extra has about any shoot should be reported at the time to allow us to address the situation.

Full details of the Code of Conduct are part of your terms and conditions of contract which you agree to on completing registration and which come into effect once an assignment is accepted.