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Mission Statement

Having spent more than 25 years in the Model and Casting arena and learning by experience of the many issues, glories and also pitfalls in the Industry, it is the intention of the staff of Utopia to provide a safe and professional platform for models and parents of models to come and be represented with the minimum of costs to them.

Whilst there are never any guarantees of work there will be every chance of being seen and as long as the model measurement details are up to date, the images professional (quality) and recent you will be seen by many clients throught the UK and Worldwide. No details are accessible to any clients who are not vetted and no direct contact details are ever provided without the permission of the Model or their parent/guardian.

We welcome input from the people we represent and are happy to provide advice on areas that anyone has concerns or queries about and hope that we can help in part to eradicate the unnecesary charges that are sometimes made by companies that take advantage of aspiring models.

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